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Complete Wireless Data Connectivity Kits: Choose from Software PLUS USB Cable ($26.95), Software PLUS Infrared Dongle ($29.95), or Software PLUS Bluetooth Dongle ($32.95).
Connectivity Solution
Data Kits for supported phones containing cell phone software and connectivity solution available by cellular phone model.
USB Data Cable (USB data suite)
Audiovox CDM-8910
Audiovox CDM-8910BM
Audiovox PM-8920
Audiovox CDM-8900 CDM-8910 CDM-8940 CDM-9200
Audiovox CDM-8610VM
Audiovox CDM-8910M
Audiovox CDM-8920T
USB Data Cable (USB data suite)
Kyocera SE47 Slider
Kyocera Slider V5
USB Data Cable (USB data suite)
LG C1300 C1300i C1500 C2000 G4015 G4050 L1200 L1400 L1150 F9100 F9200 CG225 CG300 CU320 CU500
LG LX350 LX550 Fusic MM-535 VI-5225 PM-225 PM-325 VI-125
LG VX3200 VX3300 VX4500 VX4600 VX4650 VX4700 VX5200 VX6000 VX6100 VX7000 VX8000 VX8100 VX9800
LG 535 3200 5450 8100
LG 6100
LG LX5450 AX4270 AX4750 AX5000
LG 325 6200
USB Data Cable (USB data suite) Motorola T720
Motorola V180 V220 Razr V3 V400 V505 V551 V600
Motorola A630 C650 Razr V3 V180 V188 V300
Motorola A630 V262 V710m RAZR V3c
Motorola i265 i275 i730 i760 i830 i836 i850 i860 i870
Motorola C343 T730c V265 V710 V260 RAZR V3c RAZR V3c (NEW)
Motorola RAZR V3m
Motorola T731 V810 RAZR V3c
Motorola V180
Motorola RAZR V3c
Motorola RAZR V3c
Motorola RAZR V3c
MOTOROLA Bluetooth Dongle (USB Blue Tooth data suite) Motorola E398 E550 E1000 V3 V500 V501 V505 V525 V80 V600 Motorola V547 V551 V620 A630
USB Data Cable (USB data suite) Nokia 6260 6670
Nokia 3100 3120 3200 6100 6200 6230 6800 6820 7600 7610
Nokia 6610 6800
Nokia 3205 6016i 6225
Nokia 6015i
Nokia 6255i
Nokia 6255i
Nokia 6225
Nokia 6255
Nokia 3220
Nokia 3205i
Nokia 6585
NOKIA Bluetooth Dongle (USB Blue Tooth data suite) Nokia 3600 3620 3650 3660 7650 6230 6260 6310 6310i 6600 6620 6630 6670 6810 6820 7280 7600 7610 8910 8910i Nokia N-Gage NGage QD
NOKIA Infrared Dongle (Infrared data suite) Nokia 3200 3650 3660 3600 3620 6100 6200 6230 6260 6610 6620 6800 6820
PANASONIC Bluetooth Dongle (USB Blue Tooth data suite) Panasonic X70 X88 P341i
PANASONIC Infrared Dongle (Infrared data suite) Panasonic X70 X88
USB Data Cable (USB data suite) Samsung E630 D500 SGH-S300
Samsung E316 E317 S307 V205 V206 P107 X426 X427
Samsung E105
E315 SGH-E335 E715 X105 D415 X475 P735
Samsung SPH-A680 Samsung PM-A740/ Samsung SPH-A740
Samsung SCH-A650 SCH-A670
Samsung A660 A740
SAMSUNG Bluetooth Dongle (USB Blue Tooth data suite) Samsung D500
SAMSUNG Infrared Dongle (Infrared data suite) Samsung D500 E105 E715 V206 V200 P735
USB Data Cable (USB data suite)
Sanyo MM-5600 MM-7400 RL-4920 SCP-5300 SCP-5400 SCP-5500 SCP-7300 SCP-8100 PM-8200 VI-2300 SCP-200
SHARP Bluetooth Dongle (USB Blue Tooth data suite) Sharp GX15
SHARP Infrared Dongle (Infrared data suite) Sharp GX21
USB Data Cable (USB data suite) Siemens S65 CF62
Siemens M56 SL56 CT66
Siemens CF62T
SIEMENS Bluetooth Dongle (USB Blue Tooth data suite) Siemens S55 S65 SX1
SIEMENS Infrared Dongle (Infrared data suite) Siemens CT66 S65 SL55 SL56 SL65 SX1
USB Data Cable (USB data suite) Sony-Ericsson K700i S700i T630
Sony-Ericsson T226 T306 T316 T610 T637 S710a
Sony-Ericsson T616
Sony-Ericsson T608
SONY-ERICSSON Bluetooth Dongle (USB Blue Tooth data suite) Sony-Ericsson K700i P800 P900 P910i S700i S710a T39 T68 T68i Sony Ericsson T610 T616 T630 T637 V800 Z600 Z1010
SONY-ERICSSON Infrared Dongle (Infrared data suite) Sony-Ericsson K700i S700i P800 P900 T306 T316 T610 T616 Sony-Ericsson T637 S710a

Cell phone software USB data cable or Infrared/ Bluetooth dongle

CELL-PHONE-SOFTWARE-KITRetail MSRP: $39.95Sale Price: $26.95

We will MATCH or BEAT lowest price offered on most cellular accessories.

CELL PHONE SOFTWARE plus USB DATA CABLE or INFRARED / BLUETOOTH DONGLE. Cell phone sync software comes as a complete Wireless Data Connectivity Kit containing cell phone software PLUS mobile phone to computer link in the form of a USB data cable (Comparable to Susteen's Datapilot cellular phone software kits) or a mobile phone to computer link in the form of Bluetooth or Infrared dongle. Complete Cellphone Data Connectivity Kits with picture editor to edit photo's, ringtone composer to create MP3 ringers, phone book software / contact manager software, and more! Cell phone sofware is available for many cellphones by Audiovox Kyocera LG Motorola Nokia Samsung Sanyo Siemens Sony-Ericsson Sharp and more distributed by Carriers including Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, Virgin Mobile, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile USA, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility.

Complete Wireless Data Connectivity Kits: These cellular software kits include your choice of Software PLUS USB Cable ($26.95), Software PLUS Infrared Dongle ($29.95), or Software PLUS Bluetooth Dongle ($32.95). To find a mobile phone software kit for your phone, select your cellular phone model corresponding to the connectivity solution of your choice from the list shown above.

USB data suite: $26.95 (Wireless phone software kits with USB Data Cable shown above)

This is a cell phone soft ware solution package with a software CD and a high quality USB cable, designed to assist to easily manage personal data, cell phone contact program, maximize personal phone’s functions, and synchronize data from handset to PC.

Infrared data suite: $29.95 (Cellphone software kits with Infrared Dongle shown above)

Infrared cell phone soft ware: By using Infrared Data Suite, users can transfer personal data wirelessly, by infrared transmission. Cell phone softtware users will enjoy cable-free environment and cable-changing inconvenience.

Bluetooth data suite: $32.95 (Mobile software kits with Bluetooth Dongle above)

Bluetooth cell phone soft ware: A bluetooth suite is a versatile and efficient device that makes mobile office and mobile fun possible and frees users from a cable-surrounded environment and cable-changing inconvenience.

Benefits and features: (All benefits and features of wireless software kits may not be available on all phone models)

Sync and backup phone books containing phone numbers Cell phone contact programs synchronize and back-up your important contact information between your computer and your wireless phone. With convenient side-by-side displays of your wireless phone and Outlook contact lists, you can quickly and easily transfer information back and forth between your wireless phone and your computer. You can also transfer data between different wireless phone models, and save back-up copies of your wireless phone list information to safeguard against loss.

Sync calendars and to-do lists Synchronize and backup calendar and todo list information between your laptop and your cellular Phone. Take appointments and todo list items with you on your cellular phone when you are on the go, with fast transfer from your laptop. You can also share information from your cellular phone to Outlook on your laptop. And you can save copies for safekeeping.

Transfer photo's and add ringers Unload camera phone pictures to your lap top, and add personal images & photos from your lap top to Cellphones. Transfer wallpaper and more. If camera cellphone is full of pictures, you can upload them directly onto your lap top to save and share with others, without having to pay fees to carriers. This frees-up your camera cellphone memory so you can take even more pictures or transfer wall papers! Take personal photos and other images on your lap top and load them onto your cellphone to identify people when they call, or use as screen backgrounds. Add your favorite musical tunes as unique ringtones to tour cellphone and recognize your cellphone ring in a crowd.

SMS text transfer Text messaging to multiple cell-phones from your P.C.! Handle text messaging to cell-phones like email. Save frequently-used messages on your P.C. for re-use, and send out text messages to multiple cell-phone recipients simultaneously. No need to create text messages on your cell-phone’s tiny keypad because you can quickly create and send SMS messages from your large P.C. key board!

Wireless web for your computer Wireless Internet Access for Your computer using your cellular telephone. Use your cellular telephone as a "wireless internet modem" for your computer to connect to the Internet and view web pages on your computer screen. Now you have access to the Internet and your emails while you’re away from home or the office. Use the mobile data subscription plan that you already have with your carrier, so there’s no additional subscription required. You only pay your carrier for the airtime. Excellent tool for road warriors!

If you are a wireless retailer, consider, CelleBrite for multiple use data transfering without the need of a PC.

For weBoost Wilson Amplifier Buyers: Please note that amplifier part numbers which begin with "47" or "46" can be installed anywhere within USA and worldwide, whereas amplifier part numbers which do not begin with "46" or "47" are only available for installation outside United States of America. If purchasing part numbers which do not begin with "46 or 47" to be shipped within USA but for use outside USA, please complete and fax Legacy Cell Phone Signal Booster Customer Statement right after placing such an order. Thank you.

Regarding weBoost, Wilson Pro, and zBoost Amplifiers:

This is a CONSUMER device.
BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DEVICE with your wireless provider and have your provider's consent. Most wireless providers consent to the use of signal boosters. Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network. If you are unsure, contact your provider.
You MUST operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer. Antennas MUST be installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) from any person.
You MUST cease operating this device immediately if requested by the FCC or a licensed wireless service provider.
WARNING. E911 location information may not be provided or may be inaccurate for calls served by using this device.
Please note, the four largest carriers - AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint plus more than 90 regional carriers have given blanket consent for use of all boosters certified to the new FCC standards.

In order to help our valuable customers, we have compiled a list of most major wireless service provider's signal booster registries so you can easily register your existing or new cell phone signal booster after placing an order for it at our website. weBoost, WilsonPro, and zBoost are Wilson Electronics companies.

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