Gift idea: Get Organized! Sleek 2" x 4"  ... - Click to enlarge.
Gift idea: Get Organized! Sleek 2" x 4"  ... - Click to enlarge.

Sleek 2" x 4" Motorola Electronic Pocket Organizer with Holster!

Gift idea: Get Organized! Sleek 2"  ... - Larger item photo here.
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Gift idea: Get Organized! Sleek 2" x 4" Motorola Electronic Pocket Organizer/ PDA (98177/ 98173) including HOLSTER simplifies complex lives. More benefits if you own a StarTAC, Timeport, or Talkabout phone: StarTac Black Mobile Organizer + Holster!

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Gift idea: This incredibly small electronic organizer is made by Motorola and it eliminates the two major drawbacks of most organizers - the size and the battery. With a sleek 2" by 4" design and a record breaking nine month disposable battery life, this is the one for keeps. The large size of the other organizers keeps most people from carrying an electronic pocket organizer with them all the time thereby defeating the purpose of buying one in the first place. Unlike other organizers, this one fits easily in an average top/ shirt pocket with its sleek 2" x 4" design and only 0.75" thickness. Includes holster for convenient carrying on belt or purse string along with the Motorola StarTAC/ Timeport/ Talkabout flip phone (if you have one). Most other organizers require a re-charging every 2-7 days in order to operate and that is a major inconvenience for many. Unlike other electronic organizers, the included disposable battery lasts for upto nine months - no need to re-charge your electronic organizer for months - Imagine the convenience and the time saved. In addition, buy it at a fraction of the cost of other comparable electronic organizers. It works GREAT as a small, handheld stand-alone Electronic Organizer/ PDA if you don't have a StarTAC phone. However, if you do have a StarTAC/ Timeport/ Talkabout phone model listed below, the clipOn Organizer complements your Motorola phone - it clips on easily to the back of the popular StarTAC/ Timeport/ Talkabout phone to create the latest in personal information management systems. Your Motorola phone is transformed into a 'smart phone' by attaching the clipOn Organizer in the same easy way as an auxiliary battery and it stays with you along with your phone - everywhere you go! There are two ways to enter data: The included software allows you to type data into the organizer using your computer keyboard since the organizer and your computer can synchronize with each other. The second way to enter data is thru the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen of the organizer. The buttons on the organizer allow you to scroll over the virtual keyboard to select the numbers, alphabets, or characters. Features: **Can sync to PC, or operate as a stand alone Organizer **Enables you to track appointments, organize activities, synchronize with your compatible Desktop or Notebook PC, and store more than 1,000 entries with or without your Startac phone. **Allows you to access and store information easily by pressing the electronic organizer's touchpad keys - Home, View, Select, Edit, Call, Back/Up, and Next/Down. **Left or right hand compatible - customize the clipOn organizer to work the way you do This Electronic Organizer is made by Motorola, the world-class leader in latest electronics technology with free, superb, immediate, technical support unlike other electronic organizer manufacturers. Startac clipon organizer is compatible with the following Motorola StarTAC/ Timeport/ Talkabout phones for an additional unique feature listed below: Motorola StarTAC 3000/ ST3000, StarTAC 6000/ ST6000, StarTAC 6500/ ST6500, StarTAC 7760/ ST7760, StarTAC 7762/ ST7762, StarTAC 7860/ ST7860, StarTAC 7860w/ ST7860w, StarTAC 7867/ ST7867, StarTAC 7867w/ ST7867w, StarTAC 7868/ ST7868, StarTAC 7868w/ ST7868w, StarTAC 7790/ ST7790, StarTAC 7790i/ ST7790i, StarTAC 7790si, ST7790si, StarTAC 7797/ ST7797, StarTAC 8500/ ST8500, StarTAC 8600/ ST8600, Timeport 8090/ P8090, Timeport 8097/ P8097, Timeport 8160/ P8160, Timeport 8167/ P8167, Timeport 8767/ P8767, Talkabout 8367/ T8367, Talkabout 8167/ T8167, Talkabout 8160/ T8160, Talkabout 8097/ T8097, Talkabout 8090/ T8090 Phones. Motorola startac organizer purchase INCLUDES a "Holster"! **Automatically dials any phone number from the Organizer address book with the push of one button! Phone pictured under the electronic organizer not included with this sale.

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