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Memory Card Reader/Writer (Powerful 25 in 1 Card Reader!) with Multimedia Management Software!

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Digital Camera Memory Card Reader and Writer (Powerful 25 in 1 Card Reader!) bundled with Multimedia Management Software!

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Digital Camera Memory Card Reader and Writer (25 in 1!) is one of a kind complete Memory Data Suite with all the bells and whistles!

This super 25-in-1 memory card reader that can exchange data between 25 different types of memory cards used in digital cameras, PDAs and mobile phones comes bundled with a PC application, "Mediaphone Expert" which is a multimedia editing software package for mobile phones that lets users combine and edit content from different memory card sources and load the results on the handset memory card for playback on a cellular phone!

Mediaphone Expert is a multimedia software (included) for cellular phones that contains useful features such as MP3 Clipper, Video Composer, Picture Editor, File Manager, and many other editing features! This flash card reader supports 25 kinds of Memory Cards (digital camera memory card reader and writer, memory stick reader and writer, flash card memory reader and writer, sd card memory reader and writer, and more!).

The Memory Data Suite MA-800 makes it easy to manage valuable Audio and Video! The "Media Phone Expert" software can optimize Audio, Video, as well as Pictures/ Photo's for displaying on wireless phones - Offers cell phone users a tool to edit multimedia content from different sources. The handy Memory Card Reader, can support a whopping 25 kinds of Memory Cards commonly used in popular Digital Cameras, PDA's and Mobile Phones. Mediaphone Expert powers user's cell phone with its powerful features! It will automatically optimize the editing in accordance with user’s phone model to ensure the presentation comes across fully optimized in the user's mobile phone. In addition, it will also properly direct the files to where they belong in the memory card so that when the card goes back into the phone, the phone recognizes files right away! Professional, convenient, and a time saver!

This twenty five in one Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Flash Card Reader/ Writer supports many types of flash memory cards such as CompactFlash (CF) Type I / II card, Micro Drive (MD), Smart-Media Card (SMC), Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick ROM, Secure Digital (SD), Mini SD, Multimedia Card (MMC), XD Picture Card (Option), Memory Stick (MS), MagicGate Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, MagicGate Memory Stick Duo, and TransFlash (MicroSD). It can be used as a removable storage disk in various data exchange applications between PC to PC or PC to numerous consumer electronic appliances.

The multimedia management software included with this purchase assists users in managing and editing their personalized contents, such as pictures, MP3 music and videos. With widest applications and the most powerful management, users can enjoy mobile multimedia entertainment much more than ever! Mediaphone Expert is developed to maximize memory card built-in mobile phone's performance. It is a tailor-made software for memory card built-in mobile phones. With this multimedia management software, users can backup multi-media contents or files between wireless phone handsets and computers by inserting memory card and also edit pictures, MP3 music and videos! With its file manager feature, users can easily transfer files between handsets and memory cards. Memory Card Data Suite enables more mobile entertainment and convenience. Mediaphone Expert Features include the following:

Picture Editor/Animation
Spice up interesting images on your camera phone. Compose and edit favorite photos and GIF clips into a surprising picture animation with more than 42 special effects.

Sound / MP3 Clipper
Select your favorite MP3 songs and clip your favorite parts, switch the order in which they play, upload to your cellphone and easily create unique MP3 ring tones or songs either for your own or for sharing with friends.

Video Composer
Compose and edit video, with special effects and other sounds, graphics and animation. Record your voice or MP3 song complete with text subtitles, special effects - A complete music video can be created made by you. Imagine how easily you can create your own MV!

File Manager
Like the Windows Explorer, the file Manager in the Mediaphone Expert multi-media software allows easy drag and drop file transfer between wireless phones and desktop/ laptop computer/ PC.

Feature-packed Mediaphone Expert multi media software will also power user's mobile phone and it will automatically optimize the editing in accordance to user’s phone model to make sure the presentation appears optimized in user's phone. It will also properly direct the files to where they belong in the memory card so that when the card is placed back into the phone, the phone recognizes files immediately.

OS Support : 98SE, ME, 2000, XP. USB Support : USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 Regulatory Compliance : FCC approval, CE Marking, C-Tick. Dimension: 93 mm x 53 mm x 17 mm.

Supported Phones:

The MA-800 and Mediaphone Expert currently supports over 35 phone models, including:

• Motorola E1000 / C975 (T-Flash) / E398 (T-Flash) / V975 (T-Flash) / V980 / V635/ V975

• Nokia 3230 / 6230 / 6230i / 6260 / 6630 / 6670 / 6680 / 6681 / 7610 / 7710

• Samsung P730

• Sony Ericsson P800 / P900 / S700i / S710a (MS Due, US-GSM) / P910i / V800 / Z1010

• Sharp SH902 / GX30 (SD) / SH802 (SD) / SH902 / TM200 (SD)

• Siemens S65 / S65V

• Sanyo MM-5600 (mini-SD, US-CDMA)

• Panasonic X700 (mini-SD) / X800

• Sagem myX-8 (min-SD, US-CDMA)

Cards Supported:

Memory Cards supported Compact Flash (CF):

• CF I • CF II • Micro drive • Magic Store

Smartmedia (SM) + XD:

• SMC • SM • XD

Memorystick (MS):

• MS • MS PRO • MS DUO • MS PRO DUO • MS PRO Ultra II • MS Magic Gate • MS ROM • MS PRO Magic Gate • MS DUO Magic Gate • MS PRO DUO Magic Gate • MS Memory Selection function

Secure Digital (SD):

• SD • MMC 3.0 • MMC 4.0 • RS MMC 3.0 • RS MMC 4.0 • Mini-SD (adapter required) • TransFlash/microSD (adapter required)

MA-800 works with Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP, and includes both USB 2/0 and USB 1.1 ports to connect to the PC.

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