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Bluetooth Data Suite Software & Driver CD + Bluetooth USB adapter dongle*

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Bluetooth software and driver plus Bluetooth USB adapter dongle *

MA-700/MA-730Retail MSRP: $49.99Sale Price: $34.95, 2/$65.00PHONE MODEL: 

MA-730 Bluetooth Data Suite with Bluetooth software CD and Bluetooth USB dongle is perfectly designed for wireless phone personal data management. Cellphone personal data such as Contacts, Calendar and messages can be easily backed up from cell-phone to PC using wireless bluetooth USB adapter included. After installing Bluetooth USB software and inserting Bluetooth USB connector, launch Bluetooth software from your Bluetooth laptop to connect with a Bluetooth device like a bluetooth headset or a bluetooth phone. With Bluetooth computer software, edit multimedia contents such as cellular phone ringtones and pictures using wireless connection between PC and phone made possible by the free USB Bluetooth adapter included. Blue Tooth USB adapter makes bluetooth ringtone transfers between PCs and phones possible. Compose and edit ring tones and photos freely for personal collection or to share with friends. Bluetooth wireless usb connection with wireless Bluetooth adapter for cell phone frees you from wires and cables connecting your phone to computer! Bluetooth data suite software CD with USB Bluetooth driver is Bluetooth for PC because it enables synchronization to sync cell phone with desktop or laptop computer to sync calendar and sync contacts wirelessly using included Bluetooth USB dongle driver for PC's. MP3 Clipper and Music Manager enables music download to laptop for upload to cell phones. Video composer and photo manager enables download of pictures taken on cell phone camera to PC for easy editing and sharing with others via PC. Advanced MA-730 Bluetooth dongle with Bluetooth technology is capable of speeding up data transfer with USB 2.0 Bluetooth connection with USB Bluetooth device. Its easy modem setup helps users to connect the mobile phone to the Internet in just a few clicks. Not only compatible with bluetooth cell phone, the VoIP feature included in this Blue Tooth software facilitates users to chat on MSN/ Skype using a Bluetooth wireless headset. MA-730 Bluetooth Data Suite is a powerful tool for daily mobile phone usage and will enriches mobile phone user experience. MA-730 Bluetooth Data suite with bluetooth wireless technology brings effectiveness and efficiency to life. With enhanced Bluetooth Manager software and Bluetooth PC usb adapter, users can simply launch the Bluetooth Manager to connect with different Bluetooth devices. MA-730 Bluetooth Data Suite now supports OBEX file transfer. Send and receive files via OBEX seamlessly, wirelessly and instantly. Bluetooth USB adapter software's handset manager is ideal for mobile users to manage the data in mobile phones. Bluetooth USB connector to Bluetooth USB port of computers supports most phones, most Windows PCs, and most languages with most powerful features and easy-to-use interface. The following features are available for most cell phones: Contact available for most cell phones to edit, backup, and organize the personal Contacts on PC and upload to phone, synchronize Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express Contacts with mobile phone Contacts thanks to Bluetooth USB dongle adapter. Photo Editor available for most camera cell phones to spice up pictures taken with camera phone by adding animation icons to make pictures vivid and can also turn them into wallpaper for phone or PC. Video composer available for most phones capable of playing video to compose and edit your video clips. Make videos unique by adding recorded sound, special effects, background music, text, and animations. Mp3 Clipper available for most phones capable of playing music. With Bluetooth MP3 software, simply select favorite MP3 songs from your Bluetooth MP3 player and clip favorite parts, switch orders, and then upload to mobile phone or share with friends. Message feature available for most phones that are capable of sending messages to send various formats of messages, i.e. text, ringtones, graphics to supportive mobile phones, allow group messaging and append personal signature in each message. Ringtone feature available for most phones capable of playing custom ringtones to compose polyphonic ringtones with up to 128 different instruments to create unique ringtones for mobile phones. File Manager available for most phones capable of managing files. File Manager allows users to simply drag & drop files between mobile phone and PC. Photo wizard available on most cell phones with built-in camera. Its easy-to-use function allows adjustment to color, balance, brightness, etc. to enhance photo quality. 16 kinds of special effects will turn photo into a professional one. Music manager available for most cell phones to turn your mobile phone into an iPod-like device! Music Manager can import MP3 files from PC and upload to mobile phone. Sort desired MP3 files by artist, album, and other criteria. Playlists and smart playlists allow simple management of your favorite MP3 files and easy upload to mobile phone. Synchonization available for most cell phones to Synchronize Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes of Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express with mobile phone periodically and automatically. Mobile Internet available for most cell phones capable of Internet access to access Internet/ e-mail anytime and anywhere via GPRS/ GSM. With VoIP feature, Handset Manager's Bluetooth dongle is able to connect PC and Bluetooth Stereo headset. Users can easily chat on Skype/ MSN wirelessly! Mobile Action Bluetooth USB driver is comparable to Widcomm USB Bluetooth driver and Bluetooth USB adapter stick module is comparable to Linksys/ Trendnet/ IOgear/ Targus/ 3com wireless Bluetooth usb adapter, Air2net Bluetooth wireless USB adapter and replaces expensive Bluetooth PCMCIA cards to connect to a Bluetooth wireless specification enabled LAN, printer, PDA, cell phone, audio device, and you can even browse the internet and receive your email. With Bluetooth USB PC connector's wide range of features and benefits this Bluetooth data suite offers, it is not surprising that it has become our best selling Bluetooth accessory! User manuals and Handset Manager Lite are available in English, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese. Sorry, Bluetooth download is not possible nor is download USB bluetooth driver possible - Bluetooth software and Blue tooth driver is sold only on CD packaged with USB Blue Tooth adapter. However, Blue-Tooth software purchase does include free Bluetooth software download upgrades whenever available, for life! Bluetooth USB 2.0 Adapter is fully compliant with Bluetooth Version 2.0 + EDR, Class 2. Communication Distance is about 25m in normal environments. USB Bluetooth dongle dimensions are 50mm x 18mm x 7mm. * Windows 2000 / XP Home / XP Pro supports Bluetooth USB adapter drivers for all models in the drop-down menu above. Windows 98SE/ ME supports only Bluetooth USB dongle software for following models: Motorola V547/ E815 (Bell)/ E815(Verizon)/ ROKR E1/ RAZR V3/ PEBL U6/ RAZR V3c (Verizon-New)/ V330/ V360/ V551/ V540/ V557/ V710m. Nokia 3600/ 3620/ 3650/ 3660/ 6103/ 6230/ 6255/ 6255i/ 6256i/ 6682/ 7610. Samsung D307/ D357/ T809. Sony-Ericsson P900/ S710a/ T610/ T616/ T637/ W600i/ Z520a/ Z520i. Availability and functionality of features listed above may vary depending on your phone brand, model, and service Carrier. View feature availability details for respective model by selecting that phone model corresponding to its service carrier, after clicking the link below:
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