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Audiovox 8920 Software plus USB Data Cable and USB Charger in one!
(Aftermarket, For Audiovox PM-8920 Phones By Sprint PCS)

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Audiovox 8920 Software to Sync with PC to transfer or exchange data using computer to cell phone link USB charging data cable. Generic brand cellular phone data kit suite for Sprint’s Audiovox PM-8920 wireless phones (MA-8012)*

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Audiovox 8920 Software plus Audiovox PM-8920 USB Data Cable and Audiovox Cell USB Charger in one! Audiovox Software CD and Audiovox Sync Cable are best quality user friendly aftermarket PCLink products to manage phone data from PC. Audiovox 8920 software to sync with PC using USB data cable/ charger (included) is a complete Audiovox PM8920 wireless phone data kit for Sprint’s Audiovox PM 8920 cell phones (ma-8012). Complete cellular phone data kit suite containing USB data cable with application software enables you to do a lot more with your cellphone like synchronize data between your cellular phone and computer and edit your cell phone address book using your PC! MA8012 is an excellent data tool for 8920! Audiovox 8920 software plus Audiovox 8920 USB data cable and USB charger in one is an inexpensive PC link accessory and an indispensable cell phone tool! Audiovox 8920 data kit containing Audiovox software and Audiovox data cable kits are top quality FCC approved, CE marked, and C-Tick regulatory compliance checked aftermarket Audiovox mobile phone tools for laptop cell phone connection (phone to PC via USB cable) using Sprint’s Audiovox 8920 cell phone.

Audiovox cell software data suite includes computer interface USB datacable and synchronize software CD for data synchronization. Audiovox USB data cable software suite offers high quality Audiovox 8920 USB cable data transmission connection for mobileaction wireless connection on the go! Audiovox 8920 cell phone software and computer data cable tool for cellular phone sync and wireless data transfer between mobile phones and PC. Audiovox 8920 cable software tool containing USB data suite cell phone sync software is the best solution for connecting Audiovox 8920 wireless phone to PC in order to manage personal data and multi-media contents because installation of this software for PC synchronization is extremely easy, and in our opinion, this mobile management software providers Audiovox 8920 computer accessory with Mobile Action Tech. Audiovox software and Audiovox cell phone sync cable can do a lot more than any compatible Audiovox 8920 software manufacturer offers in their software for Audiovox 8920 phones available in USA. Sync your cell phone with your computer using this phone-to-PC synchronization and data sharing software kit. The newest installation wizard makes Handset Manager 9.2 easier to install in your PC and offers free lifetime updates to all future newer versions of this Audiovox 8920 cell phone software.

Sync cell phone with computer using Audiovox 8920 mobile software because Audiovox 8920 computer backup saves time and effort if the phone ever needs to be replaced: Mobile action software turns your Audiovox 8920 by Sprint PCS into a peripheral of your desktop or laptop computer with this phonesoftware and Audiovox 8920 pc connection cable! Audiovox sync software creates a datalink mobile office with included Audiovox 8920 cell phone software and Audiovox 8920 cell phone data cable included in this Handset Manager cellular data transfer suite to exchange data with PC and for connecting Sprint’s Audiovox 8920 cellular phones with personal laptop or desktop computers to transfer data between devices, store data, backup data from Audiovox 8920 to PC. Audiovox mobile phone tool software kit contains cellular phone data cable that creates this link between phone and computer while Audiovox 8920 cellular phone software makes it possible! Audiovox 8920 mobile phone tool software and driver with mini USB cable for cell phone for less and with lifetime free cell phone software updates if and whenever they become available to possibly include more Audiovox 8920 data software features! Top quality Audiovox 8920 computer accessories: Audiovox 8920 cellular data cable included with this Audiovox 8920 PC data cable software is high speed and durable.

In addition to Audiovox 8920 phone cable connection software features and Audiovox mobile phonetools already packed inside Audiovox 8920 USB data cable with software tools, this MA 8012 cell-phone software CD with computer software for transfer and download can also move phone images, videos, games, ringtones, files and has a lot of freebies included such as 500 free ring tones, 700 free picture logos, and free 100 polyphonic ringtones*: With this Audiovox 8920 mobile software and cellphone cable, enable Audiovox 8920 connect to computer for sending pictures, cell phone ring tone melodies, polyphonic ring tones and transmitting, storing, transferring or exchanging data and creating a data link to PC to download, upload, edit and send photos, themes, wallpapers, Java games, ringtones, pictures, etc. and possibly change ring tones, logos and screen savers by synchronizing PC with your mobile phone - *Although these features exist on laptop cell phone software CD, they may not all be available on your Sprint’s Audiovox 8920 phone version using this cell phone data cable software for Audiovox 8920 phones. See below for the list of features that are most likely available on your Sprint’s Audiovox 8920 phone. Most Audiovox software cable features are available on all phone models. The rest are dependent on your Audiovox 8920 phone and your Carrier’s (Sprint PCS) Audiovox driver software compatibility in your coverage area. Audiovox 8920 phone software CD includes lots of free stuff including hundreds of free ring-tones, free pictures, and more. Awesome Audiovox 8920 data tool! This mobile action handset manager software with Audiovox 8920 program is safe, reasonably priced, has better performance, CE approved, compatible with Audiovox 8920 containing Sprint PCS phone’s software, and truly easy to install and use.

Audiovox 8920 mobile phone management software kit is a complete Audiovox 8920 connection kit that is handset-to-PC data sharing solution with file transfer manager that contains Audiovox 8920 handset manager software (ma 8012) which has the following features that are known to be available using this PC connect sync software and cable kit when you connect Audiovox 8920 to computer in most coverage areas of Sprint PCS for Audiovox 8920 (when used in combination with this Audiovox 8920 compatible software and USB cable kit because phone compatibility and feature availability varies when used with a cable not included in this mobile phone software kit):

CONTACTS for Sprint’s Audiovox 8920 phone book transfer – Back Up and manage phonebook to update phonebook data with phone-book synchronization: Handset Manager offers phone book sync and management as well as includes support for sharing of Outlook and Outlook Express address information. With phonebook data management, Audiovox PC Sync enables connection of phone to computer using Audiovox 8920 cell phone USB cable with software kit to synchronise contact information between the phone and computer applications such as Outlook Express (.CSV files). Audiovox 8920 contacts interface enables adding more information, including home/ office/ cell phone numbers, fax, email address, other notes or information (such as MSN messenger account), title and mailing address! Connect Audiovox 8920 to PC with this Audiovox 8920 data transfer software and Audiovox 8920 USB data transfer cable for Phonebook sync. ‘Phone connect to PC’ software contains a phone book editor feature called, “contacts” which enables back up of contact entries in Sprint’s Audiovox 8920 to PC in order to protect them from loss, damage, breakage, destruction or switching of cell phone or change of cellular phone service provider. Using this Audiovox 8920 cell phone transfer software, connect cell phone to PC with ease and easily export contact entries to, and import contact entries from devices and software programs including the Palm Pilot, Outlook or Outlook Express, and Palmpilot Pro. The new contact interface in Handset Manager 9.2 (with free lifetime updates to newer versions) also allows Sprint’s Audiovox 8920 phone user to more effectively manage the Audiovox 8920 contact directory. This Audiovox mobile phonetool enables them to add more information including home/ office/ mobile phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, additional notes or information (such as MSN messenger and Skype accounts), title and mailing address. Editing, backing up, and organizing Audiovox 8920 personal phone book on PC to upload to phone is easy with this cell phone data software! ‘Contacts’ feature automatically downloads the contacts from Audiovox 8920 by Sprint PCS into handset manager upon opening. Click the ‘new’ button to add a new number. Enter the name, number, then select a group. Enter name in the name field and click add to enter the number in the contact field. Then click OK. To change a contact, simply select it and press edit. Contact entry appears. Make changes and click OK and Update buttons to send contacts to Audiovox 8920 distributed by Sprint PCS. Edit, backup and organize to keep contact entries organized at all times. Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express contacts with Sprint PCS Audiovox 8920 mobile phone also becomes easy. Backs up Audiovox 8920 mobile phone contents because backing up of mobile contents is crucial if data contents are lost, damaged, destroyed or gone from Audiovox 8920 phone due to a dead battery, etc. Audiovox 8920 cellphone software enables selection of all contact entries or specific ones to update to Audiovox 8920 wireless phones.

ALBUM feature in Audiovox 8920 software is a Picture Editor – Upload pictures or download pictures, send pictures or receive pictures, change wallpapers and edit pictures or animations with photo manager: Audiovox 8920 wireless phone software has ‘Album’ feature which contains Picture Editor image composer for still images and Animation Composer for animation composition. Picture edit and upload: Easily upload, download and edit pictures from your cell with the file manager function. It is very nice for transferring data and files. Album has photo download and composer feature which enables creation of images on any PC or lap top like professional artists and uploading to Audiovox 8920 cell phone from Sprint PCS. Audiovox 8920 theme maker software feature helps to customize appearance of the phones user interface. Tired of your phone wallpaper (phone screen background)? If you want to have your own unique wallpaper (phone LCD background), then this is something you should get for your Audiovox 8920 cellular phone from Sprint PCS. With this computer software and tool, a cellular phone user can edit, create or view themes for customization of wall papers, application icons, color schemes, and more. Transfer picture software transfers pictures and the Picture Editor has a huge library of clip arts, frames, masks, and transitional effects to choose from, for creating amazing photos! Use this Audiovox 8920 picture transfer software to transfer pictures and compose or edit pictures and GIF clips into astonishing animations with more than 42 special effects. With Audiovox 8920 photo editing software, creating animations is also a snap and pictures backgrounds can be removed as well for better illustration. Audiovox 8920 Animation composer enables designing animations by editing animations frame by frame and adding effects. Preview pictures and playback animations to see how they appear on Audiovox 8920 cellular phone by Sprint PCS.

Audiovox 8920 USB CHARGER – Audiovox 8920 connectivity cable is a pc cell phone cable that doubles as USB charger because it is a Audiovox 8920 charger and sync cord in one: Connect computer with Audiovox 8920 cell cable and recharge Audiovox 8920 with USB data link cable for wireless data link! Not only can you connect cell phone to computer with this cell phone USB software, but Audiovox 8920 USB data cable software kit can charge Audiovox 8920 simultaneously with included Audiovox 8920 USB cable while connected to the USB port of your lap-top! USB cable charges the phone!! Connect mobile phone to PC with this Audiovox 8920 cell phone computer cable and this Audiovox 8920 data cable software kit charges the phone rapidly by tapping the power source of the computer! Audiovox 8920 cable included with this Audiovox 8920 USB data cable software kit is a very high quality data transfer cable for PC to cell phone connection. Audiovox 8920 driver is also included with Audiovox 8920 cell phone cable within Audiovox 8920 soft ware CD. Audiovox 8920 usb cell phone data cable with charging capability included with purchase. Audiovox 8920 USB data cable plus programmable battery charger in one!

Audiovox 8920 mobile phone tool kit purchase includes free cell phone software upgrades or software compatibility updates whenever available for inclusion of even more Audiovox 8920 data link software features than stated above and for making your CD an upgraded compatibility software cd covering more newer models! Audiovox 8920 software download is free for lifetime after initial end user purchase. The CD-based software is easy to install and the PC to phone USB software interface cable is even easier to connect. Audiovox 8920 data cable and software kit has a cell phone computer software CD that enables enriching and backing up Audiovox 8920 mobile contents, and works optionally as a power charger in addition to other data connect features! This wireless data communication equipment containing Audiovox 8920 PC Sync software and tool (PC to cell phone connection hardware data cable) is a one-time purchase and will not incur any recurring fees. HandsetManager software and data cable two in one package with free software upgrade, hundreds of free ringtones and free wallpapers/ pictures make this value-added software the best buy among all other available cell-phone software for sale.

Therefore, along with Audiovox 8920 cell phone software’s unbeatable features, this Audiovox 8920 phone sync software offers a better long-term value than other comparable Audiovox 8920 cell phone softwares in the market. Audiovox data transfer suite is an excellent gift idea for any mobile savvy individual because this cable and software solution can do so much more for their phone! CNet has reviewed this cell phone software distributor’s product and had given a rating of 7 out of 10 (which is very good)! This mobile management software Handset Manager’s cell phone software developer has received other awards as well. Purchase data cable with Handset Manager software that is priced better than most other data cable and software kits! HandsetManager software and cable’s performance is excellent. Become the master of text, graphic, music, or video data on your Audiovox 8920 cell phone by syncing your Audiovox 8920 cellular phone by Sprint PCS directly to your PC!*

*Audiovox 8920 cell software functions and features supported by ma8012 data communication equipment supply connecting cable and phone tools software may not all be available and may differ by each Audiovox 8920 model version. Just like the Audiovox 8920 Datapilot software and cable kit we carry, this wireless phone connection data transfer computer software tool containing Audiovox 8920 cell phone data transfer software and Audiovox 8920 cell phone data transfer cable [together called Audiovox 8920 PC kit] operates on Windows operating systems only per the software maker of this syncing software because it operates on a Windows-based system that integrates handsets and laptops. This mobile device management (MDM) tool is a boon for large enterprise IT departments where IT managers using this software platform can effortlessly manage wireless devices instead of managing their companies' wireless devices manually which is a very labor-intensive process, indeed. Audiovox 8920 laptop data kit has software and data cable in this one Audiovox mobile phone tools package but Audiovox 8920 data cables must be inserted into PC after installing Audiovox 8920 cellphonesoftware. Audiovox 8920 PC software package contains Audiovox PC software CD +USB data cable. Audiovox 8920 handset manager software CD including USB cable driver software as well as mobilesoftware has many free ring tones and free photos! In addition, the quality of this data transfer suite is outstanding! This is must-have software if you own a Audiovox 8920 from Sprint PCS! Volume discount and free shipping available for buying Audiovox 8920 USB cable software kits in quantities greater than one. Buy Audiovox 8920 Sync Software as well as Audiovox 8920 datacable and drivers for less with free software upgrade service for future Audiovox 8920 downloads!

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